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IOT Privacy &Security 

IOT devices are facing several botnets, hacks, and several other attacks every day. Therefore, providing security to these devices under IoT paradigm is a challenging task. One direction towards addressing this challenge is adopting machine learning techniques and analytics. IoT devices connected to smart cities are generating tons of data and are stored for the further processing.These stored data can be utilized to form patterns, accociations, and predictions Machine learning algorithms can be adapted to analyze and examine this data, to reduce cost, energy utilization and to improve the efficiency. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Communication System

Electric vehicles offer excessive opportunities to dramatically reduce local air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and resulting climate change impacts, and oil use from the transport sector. With electric vehicle costs gradually sinking, the evolution continues to become more practicable. This potential is permitted and made compelling by the ubiquity of electricity and the growing availability of low-carbon, renewable energy sources. Yet there are unanswered questions about the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the associated policy that will need to be addressed to help pave the way for electrification.

We aim to investigate industrial/ commercial solution of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Communication System (EVCICS) available in the global market i.e. E.U, USA and Korea etc. We further explore the challenges for a communication infrastructure as the part of a complex smart grid system. Since a smart grid system might have over millions of consumers and devices, the demand of its reliability and security is extremely critical. Through a communication infrastructure, a smart grid can improve power reliability and quality to eliminate electricity blackout. Security is a challenging issue since the on-going smart grid systems facing increasing vulnerabilities as more and more automation, remote monitoring/controlling and supervision entities are interconnected..

Secure "Smart Home Energy Management" 

With massive technological improvement in ICT (information communication and technology) , AMI (advance metering infrastructure) , ESS (energy storage system) , SMA (smart home appliances) , PV (photovoltaic) technology , HAN (home area networks)  and sensing technologies, has been transform into a system known HEMS (home energy management system) .

It is very important and challenging to ensure the privacy and security of HEMS, because it hold very critical and personal information of the consumer, i.e. demand and respond information, scheduling information, and billing information etc.

In this study, we focus to develop a secure communication framework for home energy management system. In this framework, HEMS will be able to establish a secure communication with AMI, ESS, SMA and user.

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